First, we set up a no cost 'get to know me' meeting at your home or, depending on your location, over the phone. 
It's important for you to find someone you're comfortable with. If you decide that's me, we talk about priorities and set up a session date.

Session pricing is $65 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. 
I add toll fees and any travel time beyond 40 minutes at regular rate. 

When I get there we dig in. We'll work 2 hours then take a little break. Have a snack ready for yourself (I'll bring mine) for fortification! Then  we work 2 more hours. You can be hands on or I can do all the running around.

Part of my service is to remove anything that I have a resource for (and will fit in my van). I don't take garbage or recycling. If I'm taking things away, I'll leave 15 minutes to a half hour before the end of the session.

If the nature of the project would benefit from additional people, depending on availability, I will bring another set of hands. The pricing for any additional people is $55 per hour.

I'm a green business and will separate garbage/recycling/compost/ donations at each session.