Think of it!
To be able, once again, to demonstrate the actual purpose of a garage. And, hey! Maybe all the stuff you've been looking for is under all of the stuff that you can't find in the guest room that you wouldn't dare put a guest in. But we can do this, really. 

“I should just do it myself”

Does this sound familiar? You have all good intentions of getting your ducks in a row. You pick a room to start in. You open the door. There they are. Ducks everywhere. They're not going to cooperate. They're a little scary. You try not to make eye contact and slowly back away, quietly closing the door. 
You need backup. Picture someone with a cape. That would be me. 

We'll set up a time for the initial no cost meeting, either at your house or, depending on your location, by phone. Going through your stuff with someone is a personal thing, it should be someone you feel comfortable with. If you decide that's me, we'll set up a time for a session and come up with a humane plan for those crazy little ducks. 

I know you don't believe it now, but it will be fun.
  Household Organizing,    Decluttering, and Purging!