I love this job, each situation is different. There are people that just need to clean out a closet, plan a birthday party, downsize or declutter; and there are those who feel buried under their possessions and don't know where to start. 

As far as the latter goes, I, myself, am a (managed) pack rat and because of that, I understand. I'm not going to start throwing your things out without regard to what those things mean to you like one of those scary TV shows. How awful! Whether you hire me or someone else, you should always feel in control. 
Being a pack rat is not a jailable offense - I checked. And it can be managed without trying to be a different person. All that matters is that your home is usable, looks lovely and that it is a place you can feel proud of when your guests come to visit.

Other projects have included researching aviaries for one client and calling a government agency trying to straighten out paperwork for another. I've worked with a man that kept putting off clearing out his storage unit so the job kept getting bigger and more overwhelming. We did it in just six hours and he could move into a unit half the size (and price). 
One dear woman had medical problems that had prevented her from keeping on top of a bit of a pack rat problem for several years. After some help she was able to have her first dinner party in 13 years. 
Some are easy, like the man that moved into a new place and was living out of boxes. He had hoped that we would get most of the boxes emptied. Instead, in about 7 hours we had gone through everything in a full storage room, cleared an area we needed in the garage and put everything away from all of the boxes he'd had left. 
Some are tricky, like the man who has a perfectly lovely house... except for all those piles of papers that made his surfaces impossible - but made his home feel safe, like a nest. How do you keep the safe feeling but make the kitchen counters usable?
I've worked with trauma based hoarders who need someone to support them while they work through their issues. And helped folks that, in the middle of grieving a loved one, needed to go through the possessions left behind.
I'll work with you on any of these things whenever you're ready.

I went back to school recently and attained a project management certification and was a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers national and Seattle chapters from 2011 to 2013. 
Some of my spare time is spent working on my old house, and I like gardening, except for that whole watering thing. I come home to the tranquility of 95 pounds of German Shepherd puppy chasing four cats - only one of which likes it. (Having four cats isn't my fault, I inherited two.) 
I ride a motorcycle and love the symphony and opera. 
I know on these "about" pages I'm supposed to tell you about me but I'm not taking you to the symphony or giving you a ride on my motorcycle so, really, all that matters is that I can organize. 
I hope I get to meet you - we can chat and you can decide if you want to get together and have some fun with your stuff. 
I know you can't imagine it being fun but I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised. 
See you soon, 

Meg Pasquini has annoyed her friends and family successfully for years by "planning everything to death". 
This business is just her little way of spreading the joy.