As you read in the section “About Meg” I’m the guy who was living out of the boxes. It took much less time than I expected and the results were better than I’d anticipated. I would recommend Megs services in a heartbeat. She actually did make it fun! I'm thinking of messing up my house so I can work with her again : ) A great find!
James C. - Seattle

I hired Meg to help me sort through a mountain of paperwork: bills, follow up work with state certificates, dealing with state agencies and offices to get me into complicity so that I could be awarded medical benefits owed me, L&I claims etc. She helped me set up a new system that was simple and easy to use to keep me on track. She was effective, efficient and timely. Her ability to adroitly bring about the desired result when dealing with individuals in agencies with firm politeness was invaluable and without it, I don’t believe I would have gotten the results I needed. She is a bulldog when necessary, but a polite one. I would hire her again. Christian O - Auburn

A couple of months ago, I hired Meg to help me regain control over the clutter in my home. Over the years, piles of papers and things had migrated to the various counters and tables, and I had stuffed the overflow areas in the basement with items that didn't have a place upstairs. Though I had known for some time about my "mild packrat tendencies", it reached a point where I had to admit that I needed help. That's what led me to re-hire Meg,who had helped me with some less emotional projects. She is a highly energized and motivated personal organizer, and very understanding about these kinds of situations. Though I felt embarrassed at first, I quickly developed a comfort level working with Meg. She let me say what I needed to about the various trouble spots, and then we got down to work, addressing each area one by one, clearing and cleaning, and developing new organizational systems along the way. One long day and several 3-hour sessions later, I was seeing light at the end of the tunnel. We've got the remaining sessions planned, and I'm feeling more in control of my home than I've felt for years. Also -- as an aside -- Meg said that it would often be fun getting the work done, and to my surprise, she was right. If you have a conversation with her, I think you'll see what I mean. She's witty and positive and excels at finding creative solutions. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Meg again, though am hoping to maintain the systems we set up for the foreseeable future!
~ Tim H ~

What I like best about the way Meg helped me with my home organizing is what she didn't do. She didn't berate me, or judge me, or criticize me or shame me. She also didn't rush me or throw away any of my things. All of which well-intended friends, family members, and other professionals, who should have know better, have done. Instead she allowed me to work at my own pace, regularly checked in with me to see how I was feeling and honored my request that I be in charge of garbage removal, recycling and donating.
Meg supported me with empathy. She understood the psychological issues underlying my cluttering/hoarding behavior. She validated my feelings before going on to re-frame my perceptions, which allowed me to come to my own decisions to let things go.
There are healthy ways to lose weight and as we all know "yo-yo" dieting isn't one of them. In like manner, there are also healthy ways to genuinely assist people to drop their equally weighty clutter burdens. Meg does this.  As a result, I now have more space in my home to move around and live in. I also have a life that feels more energetically buoyant. I highly recommend Meg as my experience with her has been very positive.  MK
Meg, My House, and Me

It was two summers ago I found the courage to begin looking for help in putting my home “back together again” after more than a decade of injury and illness that found me so limited physically I could not bend over nor use my arms in a meaningful way. Not only was I physically limited, but I also had suffered brain injury that made planning and thinking forward very difficult. My world had changed from an active, organized, busy, and fulfilled life. It was extraordinarily difficult to allow someone into my once-lovely home, but I did, and that person was Meg.

Meg was a perfect fit; full of energy and enthusiasm and lacking in a judgmental attitude. That gung-ho spirit combined with her great humor had us working, and laughing, from the top of my house to the bottom.  there was a lot to do. And do, we did! We started with the mutually agreeable schedule of five hours a day to see how it went, and when that became too much for me, we cut back to four hours and fewer days. But we kept plugging along until we were finished.

Meg gave me my life back. I can have people into my home again and not be mortified. We went through every single thing in this home where I lived for 40 years. My stuff, my dead parent’s stuff, their mother’s stuff, and the remnants of renters’ stuff; we took furniture to donate and clothes and bedding and kitchen stuff and yes, garbage too. And we filed papers, mountains of papers …

Wow, is all I can say … double wow. For anyone facing the challenge of unhappiness due to lack of organization and too much stuff, please meet with this person, and see if she can get you back on track too. It was the finest gift I have ever given myself.
Another gift Meg will give you, that you will remember until your dying day and that will become part of you … “but do you LOVE it?” and you will smile when you say it to yourself and you will remember Meg.
Lainey K

I hired Meg to help me set up a healthy environment for my 22-year-old African Grey Parrot, Sharky. This involved finding an outdoor aviary that would somehow work indoors, and filling it with perches, feeding stations, and toys. The research that goes into this kind of project can be overwhelming, and I was grateful that Meg was finding and sorting through all the options.  Meg researched more than 40 web sites and made many phone call and consulted with me along the way, and provided a thorough list of recommendations. And she did all this in an organized fashion and with good humor, making the experience a lot more fun than it would have been otherwise. Now that the new 7ft x 5ft x 6ft cage is in place and fully stocked with perches and toys, Sharky is happy and so am I. Thanks Meg!

I hired Meg to find a landscaper to clean up my very out-of-control yard. As a busy software professional, I haven't had the time lately to maintain the yard or even to find a contractor to help out. And I've had shoddy work done in the past, so was concerned about picking the right landscaper. Meg made this process a breeze by thoroughly researching the available options, then interviewing the most likely candidates and presenting me with three landscapers she thought would best meet my criteria. It was important to me that the yard be treated with environmentally-safe methods, and that it also be made more easily maintainable moving forward. After I chose between the three, Meg continued to oversee the process to the end and I couldn't be happier. The yard looks great, and I've been out there myself working the past two weekends. I feel like I've got my yard back -- Thank you Meg!